Our well established techniques of heavy copper coating and transformation allow us to supply high conductivity quality wires to our customers. We newly developed a square copper coated wire with over 40% conductivity.

1. When the cross sectional areas of two wires are the same, a square wire is smaller than a round wire both in width and length of the cross section. Please see photo1.With this new type of wire, you can make a new product which is smaller, lighter, and cost saving.

2. Using a high tensile piano wire, you can further reduce the diameter of the wire which leads to less weight of your final product.

・Complying with your request, we can supply a very wide range of wires from low carbon iron wire through high carbon steel wire. You can thus find out your most suitable wires in straightness, weldability, forming, and strength.

・Available sizes are 0.3mm to 1mm.

・Maximum conductivity is 45% for 0.5mm x 0.5mm. By reducing the thickness of copper, the conductivity can be adjusted.